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Hospital ward in Atakpamé and Hanyigba

Anna Maria Klocke was a nurse in a facility for asylum seekers in Hamminkeln, Lower Rhine, when she first came in contact with the problems of people in Africa, especially in Togo. She decided to become active, personally and in close cooperation with the local people. On 21st September 2004 she founded the association TOGO - NEW HORIZON (TNH), whose chairman she is until today. The aim of this association is the improvement of the medical basic care in Agbonou, a district of Atakpamé. The city Atakpamé is located in the middle of Togo and has approximately 70,000 inhabitants. TOGO - NEW HORIZON, or TNH, is a charitable non-governmental organization (NGO) with members from the Municipality, the Catholic Church and citizens of the community.

In 2008, TNH was able to establish a hospital ward with a well, a pharmacy, a lab and a nurses' residence with the help of the Federal Ministry for Development (BMZ) on a 3,800 m² big property, which had been provided by the city. The ward was named Centre Medico-Social Anna Maria. Since the opening, about 600 patients come here every month and seek for medical help. The ward is highly appreciated by the people living there; especially the general cleanliness and the friendliness of the staff are being praised. Ten Togolese found a job at the ward. In 2011, the ward has been transferred to the "Steyler Missionsschwestern" in Togo.

Meanwhile it is bursting at all seams. In November 2013, the BMZ approved a grant application, so that on 28th November 2013 the ceremonial laying of the foundation stone for the building of a mother-and-child clinic could take place on the site.

Since 2011, TNH had been dealing with another hospital ward in Hanyigba-Duga. Hanyigba-Duga has 11,000 inhabitants and is located in an inaccessible mountain region near the border to Ghana. Ten villages are nearby. None of them has power- or water-connection. Due to the high maternal- and infant mortality, the Committee for village development of Hanyigba-Duga asked the Hamminkeln association to help with the building of a small hospital - similar as in Atakpamé.

In April 2012, the laying of the foundation stone took place and on 27th November 2013 the mother-and-child clinic including a ward, a lab, a pharmacy, a well and a solar system was opened. The clinic's management has been transferred to the Order of Katharine sisters.

We ask for your support to ensure the treatment of poor patients including necessary medicines. For donations, please mention the keyword.

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For more information, please visit: www.togo-neuerhorizont.de


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